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Who's Velvet Sky
Real Name: Jamie Lynn Szantyr
AKA: Talia Madison, Velvet Sky
DOB: June 2nd, 1981
Impact Debut: October 5th, 2007
Birthplace: New Britain, CT
Mini Bio: Jamie Szantyr (Talia Madison/Velvet Sky) is an Impact Knockout with TNA Impact Wrestling. Jamie got her start in wrestling by training at Jason Knight's "House of Pain Pro Wrestling Dojo." She came into TNA at the start of the new Knockout division in 2007 with the then brand new Knockouts Championship. Later, Velvet co-founded one of the most popular TNA Knockout tag teams "The Beautiful People" with Angelina Love. She won the Knockouts Tag Team Championship with Lacey Von Erich & Madison Rayne as part of a new version of the Beautiful People. At Bound for Glory 2011 Velvet finally captured her 1st Knockouts Championship. She is now a former 2x Knockouts Champion with the company.
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If you would like to book Velvet Sky for any upcoming conventions, signings, appearances, shows, etc. you may do so by contacting Lou from Sidelines13.com at sidelines13@gmail.com. Please include as many details as possible about the events you'd like to book Velvet for including dates, locations, events, ect.

If you have any questions you may contact Velvet through Twitter, Lou at the above email or contact the staff here and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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Upcoming Schedule
» November 1st & 2nd, 2014 - RI Comic Con
• Providence, RI @ TBA

» November 1st, 2014 - Lucky Pro Wrestling
• Clinton, MA @ 7pm

» November 8th, 2014 - NEW's ThunderSlam 2
• Monticello, NY @ 7pm

» November 13th, 2014 - Autograph Appearance
• New Milford, CT @ 7pm-9pm

» November 14th, 2014 - Northeast Wrestling Show
• Danbury, CT @ 6pm

» November 15th, 2014 - Signamania
• Fairless Hills, PA @ 9am-4pm

» November 15th, 2014 - House of Hardcore VII
• Philadelphia, PA @ 7pm

* Schedule above is subject to change and Velvet may or may not appear at all Impact houseshows and/or tapings. For more information or to purchase tickets visit ImpactWrestling.com or visit our upcoming appearances section.

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By: Corrin • On Oct 23, 2014 • Category: Photoshoots, Rated V Online Store

They are finally here! Velvet’s Fantasy Football personalized 18×24 posters! Velvet has shot photos in every NFL team as well as a few from the English Premier League. Each poster is available at Velvet’s online store RatedV.net for $55USD and are personalized upon by Velvet. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Velvet’s shop to get your hands on these one of a kind posters! Once they are gone they are gone for good!

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By: Corrin • On Nov 23, 2014 • Category: Ebay Auction

“Velvet Sky as Slave Leia” by Scott Blair.
TNA Knockout Velvet signed this for me at a photo shoot. This 2012 image has been retired, and this is the last remaining print I have.

Large 11×14 Pop Art Print on semi-gloss stock. Ships flat with bag & board in sturdy mailer and is signed in black sharpie by both Velvet and Scott.

BONUS: Winner will also get my 2014 Exclusive HOLIDAY CATPOOL signed mini-print!

Thanks for supporting my artwork!

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By: Corrin • On Nov 23, 2014 • Category: Rated V Online Store

RatedV.net has two brand new personalized 8×10 up for all you fans to purchase. Velvet has put up a oldie but a goodie photo as an 8×10. It is a photo from her early days in TNA from the photoshoot Army Brat and it’s only $20USD! Also, she has the poster that we all saw at Signamania as well on her Twitter profile that is available as an 8×10 for $30USD. Each photo will be signed and can be personalized upon request from Velvet. If you want it personalized please remember to put instructions to the seller upon checkout or all photos purchased will just be signed. Hurry and get your hands on these collectors items cause once they are gone they are gone for good.

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By: Corrin • On Nov 20, 2014 • Category: Appearances, Gallery Update

Thank you so much to Candice for bringing all these wonderful photos to my attention. We now have a gallery stocked with more photos of Velvet from her recent events. Christine Coons and Scott Finkelstein both have posted new photos from Signamania and Lucky Pro Wrestling’s Fall Frenzy. You can check out some of the new photos now up in the gallery!

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By: Corrin • On Nov 16, 2014 • Category: Rated V Online Store

Did you miss out on getting your Velvet Sky Fantasy Football 18×24 personalized poster? No fear, now you can get a signed and personalized 8×10 photo! Each photo can be personalized and will be signed by Velvet for just $40 USD. Limited amount is available so get yours while you can! Links to everything you need are below.

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By: Corrin • On Nov 16, 2014 • Category: Appearances, Gallery Update

Thank you to Bob Mulrenin we now have 6 photos of Velvet at her Signamania 8 appearance from Saturday. Check out Bob’s photos now in the gallery and if anyone has any candids they’d like to donate to the site. Feel free to email us at skysohighnet@yahoo.com.

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By: Corrin • On Nov 16, 2014 • Category: Miscellaneous Results

Extreme Rules: Tommy Dreamer w/ Beulah McGuillicuty vs Bobby Roode

Dreamer came out with Beulah McGuillicuty, who was billed as bringing him to the ring for the final time. She got a nice “Beulah” chant when they announced her opponent.

Out came TNA World champion Bobby Roode to face Dreamer, replacing EC3.

Roode took the mic and said he had a funny story. He was sitting on his couch at home and his phone rings and it’s Dixie Carter. She informed him that EC3 tore his bicep was unable to fill his obligations, so Bobby is contractually obligated to fulfill his duties. Roode said he and Dreamer are good friends and he has a lot of respect for what Dreamer has done in this Arena, for Roode, for the boys in the back and for all of the fans, so he’s putting the title on the line tonight whether TNA likes it or not, because “no one deserves a title shot more than you Tommy Dreamer.” He said that there’s nothing more important than him than the title and he attacks Dreamer and stomps the hell out of him.

Roode controls Dreamer early and worked him over. Dreamer made a comeback and they battled to the floor, where Dreamer sprayed a fan’s soda in the champion’s eyes like mist. Dreamer tossed Rude into the ring steps and the ringpost. Dreamer had a fan hold up a chair and ran Roode into it. Roode cut off Dreamer and gave him an atomic drop on the railing, crotching him.

Roode worked over Dreamer on the floor before tossing him back into the ring. Roode worked over Dreamer with punches and kicks and nailed a great dropkick. Roode worked him over but missed a kneedrop. Dreamer kicked off a charge and nailed a clothesline. Dreamer peppered him with a bunch of right hands in the corner.

Roode was whipped into the corner but nailed Dreamer with an elbow as he charged in. Roode set up a chair and nailed a drop toehold onto it. Roode went for a sunset flop off the ropes but Dreamer ducked. He grabbed Roode and tied him to the tree of woe. Dreamer nailed him with a chair. He went to do the charge but the crowd chanted “E-C-W” so he stopped in mid-run. He got the crowd to chant HOH and nailed him with the dropkick.

Velvet Sky interfered, so Beulah hit the ring and we had an old school catfight. Roode grabbed Beulah but she low blowed him. Dreamer nailed Roode with a DDT but he got his shoulder up at the last second.

Dreamer pulled out a barbed wire board from under the ring but CW Anderson hit the ring and hit a spinebuster on Dreamer. Cue “Enter Sandman” and out came The Sandman!

Sandman hit the ring and cracked open a beer. CW slapped the beer out of his hand. Sandman nailed him with the cane but CW ducked a second shot and killed him with a Superkick.

”Highway to Hell” played and Spike Dudley hit the ring and nailed the Acid Drop on CW, then left. Rosita hit the ring and went for a moonsault on Dreamer but he caught her and piledrove her.

Dreamer and Roode both went for DVDRs but Roode finally scored, nailing Dreamer with one on the barbed wire board and scored the pin.

Your winner and still TNA champion: Bobby Roode! [source]

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By: Corrin • On Nov 12, 2014 • Category: Impact Results

Jessie Godderz, DJ Z, Velvet Sky & Angelina Love vs Knux, Crazy Steve & Rebel

Angelina starts out against Rebel. Rebel gets the early advantage regardless, but tries a split move and Angelina dodges and dropkicks Rebel in the face for 2. Crazy Steve smacks Angelina on the ass, and Angelina is so shocked that Rebel comes in with a schoolgirl rollup for 3.

Angelina Love is eliminated.

Knux comes in and cartwheel dropkicks Jessie for 2, Jessie tries yanking Knux down but Knux kips up and nails Jessie with a crossbody. DJ Z cheapshots Knux and blind tags in to hit a crossbody, Knux catches DJ Z, but Jessie dropkicks Knux and then holds his leg down from the floor so DJ Z can pin him.

Knux is eliminated.

Crazy Steve small packages DJ Z and eliminates him.

DJ Z is eliminated.

Velvet goes for a sunset flip on Rebel, but Rebel uses her flexibility to reverse to a rollup for 2. Velvet distracts the referee so Angelina can spray hairspray in Rebel’s face. Velvet hits In Your Face for 3.

Rebel is eliminated.

DJ Z slips back in and nails Crazy Steve, then Jessie repeatedly presses Steve and gorilla slams him. Velvet tags in and covers Steve, but Steve kicks out and gets a makeout cradle on Velvet for 3.

Velvet Sky is eliminated.

Jessie comes in and clotheslines Steve, but Steve rolls over Jessie with a sunset flip for 2. Steve tries a Frankensteiner, but Jessie powers him up and hits the Last Ride. Jessie looks pissed, but does a nonchalant one hand cover and only gets 2. Jessie stomps the heck out of Steve and puts him on top for a superplex, but stops to pose and gets shoved off. Steve comes off the top and hits Jessie with a tornado DDT to score the last elimination.

Winner and sole survivor: Crazy Steve [source]

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By: Corrin • On Nov 11, 2014 • Category: Velvet Sky News

As we saw today on Twitter today Velvet will be in (what looks like) a low budget thriller movie that is set to be released in 2015. Little is known at the moment about the movie, but below is what IMDB has about the movie right now. Be sure to stay tuned to the site as well for more information!

Summary: A dark and gritty psychological thriller that explores one small town man’s need to purify the world of sin, one sinner at a time. His medieval and brutal cleansing process directly contradicts the devotion he has for his granddaughter. Tension builds as we discover secrets surrounding the psychotic behavior of this quaint god fearing little town.

BLACKHOLE FILMS is proud to announce the development of its newest feature film, titled GRANDPA’S PSYCHO. A gritty thriller, GRANDPA’S PSYCHO examines the duality of the human condition through the eyes of a deeply disturbed patriarch. GRANDPA’S PSYCHO artfully illustrates the burden of a deranged psyche, while masterfully displaying the impact our personalities have on the ones we love.

Following the death of his wife, the protagonist, chillingly referred to as ‘Grandpa Murray’, feels a divine command to redeem those who have lost their relationship with the lord. Grandpa Murray dutifully carries out his task by kidnapping and torturing ill-mannered woman until they accept god into their lives. Murray’s perverse actions often coincide with periodic visits from his family, begging the question, “How much do Grandpa Murray’s relatives know about his misdeeds?” GRANDPA’S PSYCHO provides an exceptional portrayal of sin, spliced with intermittent spurts of heart-warming morality. By coupling distinct characters with a unique plot, GRANDPA’S PSYCHO creates a gripping story that will surely resonate with all types of moviegoers.

GRANDPA’S PSYCHO is the feature film adaptation of Award-Winning director DANNY LEGARE’s short film, Visiting Grandpa. LeGare will write, produce, and direct the project, assisted by renowned cinematographer GEORGE LYON (Visiting Grandpa, A Cool Dark Place, Sacandaga). Veteran producers HEATHER QUICK (Visiting Grandpa, Keep the Lights on, How to Be a Man) and DAVE GERE (Pinwheel, Buddy Hutchins) will join LeGare for this project. LeGare has stated that he is “pleased to work with such a dynamic partners”and is “thrilled by the idea of transforming his short film into a feature.”

GRANDPA’S PSYCHO is currently in pre-production and is set to begin shooting in November 2014. [source]

By: Corrin • On Nov 10, 2014 • Category: Videos

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