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Who's Velvet Sky
Real Name: Jamie Lynn Szantyr
AKA: Talia Madison, Velvet Sky
DOB: June 2nd, 1981
Impact Debut: October 5th, 2007
Birthplace: New Britain, CT
Mini Bio: Jamie Szantyr (Talia Madison/Velvet Sky) is an Impact Knockout with TNA Impact Wrestling. Jamie got her start in wrestling by training at Jason Knight's "House of Pain Pro Wrestling Dojo." She came into TNA at the start of the new Knockout division in 2007 with the then brand new Knockouts Championship. Later, Velvet co-founded one of the most popular TNA Knockout tag teams "The Beautiful People" with Angelina Love. She won the Knockouts Tag Team Championship with Lacey Von Erich & Madison Rayne as part of a new version of the Beautiful People. At Bound for Glory 2011 Velvet finally captured her 1st Knockouts Championship. She is now a former 2x Knockouts Champion with the company.
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» September 5th, 2014 - One Night Only Tapings
• Charlottesville, VA @ 7:30pm

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» September 6th, 2014 - One Night Only Tapings
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» September 7th, 2014 - NEW at the North Haven Fair
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» September 7th, 2014 - One Night Only Tapings
• Fayetteville, NC @ 6pm

» September 13th, 2014 - Collector's Realm Appearance
• Fishkill, NY @ 11am-2pm

» September 16th, 2014 - Impact Tapings
• Bethlehem, PA @ 7pm

» September 17th, 2014 - Impact Tapings
• Bethlehem, PA @ 7pm

» September 18th, 2014 - Impact Tapings
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• Bethlehem, PA @ 7pm

» September 20th, 2014 - Legends of the Ring
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» September 21st, 2014 - Wrestling Spectacular 3
• Middletown, NY @ 10am-3pm
» November 1st & 2nd, 2014 - RI Comic Con
• Providence, RI @ TBA
» November 1st, 2014 - Lucky Pro Wrestling
• Clinton, MA @ 7pm

* Schedule above is subject to change and Velvet may or may not appear at all Impact houseshows and/or tapings. For more information or to purchase tickets visit ImpactWrestling.com or visit our upcoming appearances section.

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By: Corrin • On Sep 18, 2014 • Category: Spoilers

The last few days Impact has been tapings future episodes of their shows in Bethlehem, PA. As always these shows are taped way in advance and it is unknown at this time when exactly certain things will be airing since TNA isn’t so great at letting fans know. So for now we have some future spoilers from the tapings that happened tonight. So far these are the only ones from the past few days that have surfaced mentioning Velvet. Check below to see some future spoilers for Impact.

By: Corrin • On Sep 17, 2014 • Category: Impact Results

Knockouts Battle Royal

The participants are Taryn Terrell, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Brittany, Rebel, and Havok. Havok goozles Madison and carries her around the ring by the neck before dropping her and cleaning house on everyone else. All the girls decide to gang up on her, but she fights her way free single handedly and dumps Madison. Taryn Terrell jumps on her back, but Havok hip bumps her to the apron and knocks her to the floor with a forearm shot. Brittany tries her luck next and really gives it a good go, but Havok clotheslines her into next week and tosses her across the ring by the hair before choking her on the bottom rope with her boot. Brittany tries to eliminate Havok with a flying headscissors, but Havok just pushes her off and knocks her to the floor with another shot. Rebel ducks a charge from Angelina and Angelina eliminates herself, and Velvet gets a courage infusion and charges Havok. Havok swats her like a fly, and then Rebel gives it a good go, but tries a top rope move and Havok just top spins her onto the steps and then the floor. We’re down to Havok and Velvet, and Velvet gives it everything she’s got: forearms, kicks to the knee, clotheslines, but Havok gets her around the neck and goes for the Aid Raid Crash. Velvet slips out and tries a sleeper, Havok hiptosses her over and tries a legdrop. Velvet moves and tries a crossbody, but Havok easily catches Velvet and dumps her to the floor for the win.

Winner: Havok [source]

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By: Corrin • On Sep 15, 2014 • Category: Previews

Since becoming TNA Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim has been electric as Knockouts Champion. She’s defeated all challengers and delivered several match of the year candidates – including her series of stunning matches with Taryn Terrell. It seemed as if Gail was becoming untouchable. At least, until Havok revealed herself and laid waste to Gail and Taryn after their match, two weeks ago.

Then, last week, Havok interrupted the Knockouts Calendar Cover reveal – laying waste to all of the women in the ring, before leaving with the TNA Knockouts Championship. This led to a wild backstage brawl as Gail Kim searched for Havok — and her championship. Ultimately, the brawl spilled back out into the arena, where Havok left a pile of bodies – including several TNA ring crew members.

Now, on Wednesday, we get to see Havok make her official in-ring debut in a Knockouts Battle Royal for the #1 contender slot. Entering the match, it seems that she is the clear frontrunner – but with a deep roster of talented women, perhaps all of the lethal ladies in the ring will band together in hopes of taking Havok out early.

However, Havok has already made things very personal with Gail Kim. If she doesn’t win on Wednesday night, chances are she and the TNA Knockouts Champion will run into each other again soon. Don’t miss this epic Knockouts showdown THIS WEDNESDAY at 9/8c on Spike TV!

By: Corrin • On Sep 13, 2014 • Category: Donations, Gallery Update

Thank you so much to Mark for donating his candid from meeting Velvet today at her Collector’s Realm signing in Fishkill, NY. Mark had nothing but great things to say about meeting Velvet once again and has shared his amazing photo of him meeting her once again. Check out Mark’s photo now up in the gallery.

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By: Corrin • On Sep 13, 2014 • Category: Upcoming Appearances

Lucky Pro Wrestling presents Fall Frenzy on November 1st at the Elks Function Hall (128 School Street) in Clinton, MA. The doors will open at 7 pm for a special meet & greet and the opening bell is at 8:00 pm. Scheduled to appear at this time are Mikey Webb, Todd Sople, Cam Zagami, Nikki Valentine, Little Evil, Mistress Belmont, Vernon Vicallo, Anthony Stone, Anthony Greene, Jason Blade, Tomahawk, Davienne, Taeler Hendrix, Brian Myers, Velvet Sky and more TBA. Tickets start at just $15. For more information and to purchase tickets visit LuckyProWrestling.com

By: Corrin • On Sep 12, 2014 • Category: Appearances, Gallery Update

Yesterday in NYC both Bully Ray and Velvet Sky attended the BGC Charity Day on behalf on the Wounded Warrior Project in NYC on the anniversary of September 11th. Bully and Velvet were among many celebrities on had for the charity event and we now have a ton of photos over in the gallery from the event. Credit for the photos are posted in the gallery for each photographer.

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By: Corrin • On Sep 12, 2014 • Category: Purchases

Last night we finally found out which Knockout would grace the cover of the 2015 Knockouts calendar. Now everyone can purchase the calendar with Velvet on the cover from ShopTNA.com. The calendar actually features Velvet in it twice. Once solo in the month of September then with her Beautiful People partner Angelina Love in May. The calendar is only $17.99 so hurry and get your copy today!

2015 TNA Knockouts Premium Calendar

Make your 2015 an unforgettable year with this beautiful glossy 12×18 calendar loaded with your favorite TNA Knockouts. The hottest girls professional Wrestling has to offer will fill your wall with sandy beaches and bikinis all year long!

Plus while supplies last we’ll send a copy of the 2014 TNA Knockouts Calendar along with your purchase of the 2015 Calendar!!!

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By: Corrin • On Sep 12, 2014 • Category: Impact Results

Velvet Sky & Bro-Mans w/Angelina Love & Zema Ion vs. The Menagerie (Knux, Crazzy Steve, & Rebel) w/The Freak

This is Rebel’s in-ring debut with TNA. Steve and Jessie start the match off against each other. Robbie wants to prove he isn’t afraid of clowns anymore so he tags into the match. Steve chases Robbie around and Robbie tags Jessie back in who then nails Steve with a knee to the gut. Jessie Gorilla Press Slams Steve and Steve tags in Knux as Jessie poses. Knux whips Jesse into the ropes and connects with a shoulder block. Knux hits the ropes and Jessie goes for a backdrop but Knux sidesteps him with a cartwheel and then hits him with a Scoop Slam. Steve tags back in and he leaps to the shoulders of Jessie and bites him. Robbie punches Steve from the apron and Jessie hits him with a dropkick. Jessie hangs Steve up in the corner and the Bro-Mans hit the Boom! Knees. Robbie tags in and he chokes Steve followed by BP choking Steve as well. Velvet tags into the match and slaps Steve before tagging Jessie right back into the match. Jessie and Robbie toss Steve into the ropes and attempt a Double Backdrop, but Steve counters into a Double DDT! Steve tags in Rebel and Velvet tags in as well. Rebel avoids a clothesline attempt from Velvet with a split and then hits a clothesline of her own followed by a Bicycle Kick. Rebel attempts to whip Velvet into the corner but Velvet reverses it and then charges at Rebel, but Rebel leapfrogs her and rolls her up with a Sunset Flip! Bro-Mans run in and pull Rebel off but then eat a Double Flying Body Press from Knux! Steve grabs Velvet and kisses her! Steve then dives over the top with a Plancha onto the Bro-Mans! Rebel hits a Scoop Slam on Velvet and then climbs up top but Angelina grabs her leg. Rebel kicks her away but then Velvet rolls her up for the pin!

Winners: Bro-Mans & Velvet via pinfall (rollup)

JB is in the ring with several of the knockouts to reveal the cover girl of the 2015 Knockouts Calendar. Before JB can announce the cover girl Angelina snatches the microphone from her and says that it is pretty obvious that the winner is her, but JB takes the microphone back and announces Velvet Sky as the cover girl which infuriates Angelina!

Velvet hugs her but Angelina doesn’t hug back and then Havok comes down to the ring. Gail meets Havok on the ramp and starts throwing blows at her! Havok tosses Gail headfirst into the guardrail! Havok climbs into the ring with the rest of the knockouts and BP shove Brittany right into a Chokeslam from Havok! Havok grabs Gail’s KO Title and leaves with it.[source]

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By: Corrin • On Sep 12, 2014 • Category: Appearances, Gallery Update

Last Saturday Velvet Sky had an appearance in Staten Island, NY and Bob Mulrenin was on hand to get 8 brand new photos from her signing. Check out the brand new photos now up in the gallery.

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